NIXAR - DNF100 is fundamentally different to other long range surveillance systems

  • Non- termal technology

    Offers an evidential quality alternative to 'traditional' thermal systems.

  • 4 Cameras in 1 system

    With multiple sensors in a single 'head' Longv offer a complete versatility for use in all weth and lighting conditions.

  • Ultra Low-Light

    DNF-100 harnesses unique pixal-bining that makes it far more sensitive than other CCTV cameras.

  • Ultra High Contrast

    DNF-100 can penetrate significantly further and in lower visibility conditions such as fog, mist, rain and sand storms.

  • Ultra Low Power

    DNF-100 runs entirely off a 12V power supply

  • Low Cost

    Both CAPEX and through life cost of overship are significantly lower tan alternatives.

  • 100 Optical zoom

    DNF-100 offers pure high powered optical zoom which contrasts with the typical zoom 36x zoom of CCTV competitors and offer extreme long range capability.

  • System Overview
  • 100x Optical Zoom
  • Ultra Low Light Camera
  • Ultra High Contrast Camera
  • PTZ, Control & Recording
  • Through-life Management
  • Mounting Options
  • Technical Specifications
  • Illumination Options

Main System Information

NIXAR - DNF100 is the latest of ELECTRAC'S specialist long range surveillance system. DNF100 is optimized for deployment in a wide range of environments and is particularly well suited to coastal, perimeter and mobile surveillance

Key Features include:

  • 6-100x optical zoom
  • 4 Camera sensor in one surveillance housing:
    • Colour overview for situation awareness
    • Camera high resolution
    • Ultra low-light for night vision (0,00003lux)
    • Ultra high-contrast for vision through fog, mist snow, rain and sand
  • Automatic tracking slew to cue (with manual override).
  • Rugged IP67 housing for
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Extremely low power draw

Camera 1

  • Wide Angle Overview
  • 16 mm
  • Day / Night
  • Persistent recording

Camera 2

  • Colour high resolution
  • Evidential quality imagery at long range

Camera 3

  • Ultra low light
  • 0,00003 lux ( Star light)
  • Monochrome
  • Optional illumination

Camera 4

  • Ultra high contrast
  • Through fog, mist, snow, rain and sand

100x Optical Zoom

  • 6-25x zoom lens
  • 25-100x zoom lens
  • 100% optical
  • Instant lens change
  • Continuous multi-speed zoom

Dynamic PTZ

  • Continuous multi-speed PTZ e proportional PTZ
  • Absolute positioning for sensors and radar integration
  • Pelco D (2400 baud)

Above: Trials at Dover Port shoing the zoom capability at medium range

DNF-100's powerful 100x optcs enable extremely long range surveillance. Unlike other camera systems that employ 'double’s' to archive range but in so doing sacrifice low-light capability, DNF-100 houses two high performance lenses (6-25x and 25-100x) giving the system a 100x fully optical zoom The lenses can be switched instantly by operators who will also be able to continuously zoom the optics.

Unparalleled optical
zoom capability

Ultra Low-Light Camera

One of the four camera sensors within DNF-100 is the Ultra Low-Light camera (ULL). The ULL camera utilises a uniquely specialist technology to generate evidential quality images down to 0,00003lux or starlight condition.

By conducting image ad justment on-board the camera and a pixel level the ULL camera uses 'pixel binning' technology to achieve low light images with over 150x more sensitivity than the leading colour cameras.

Not only do we have an unparalleled ability to generate useable imagery in low light but we are also able to look into dark areas and brightly lit areas simultaneously without suffering flaring, blurring or artefacts

The Ultra Low-Light Camera in DNF-100 is over 150x more sensitivity than standard industry CCTV cameras

Ultra High-Contrast Camera

The DNF-100 ultra highcontrastcamera offers auto contrast correction by up to 15dB

This means that DNF-100 is able to generate useable imagery in extremely poor visibility to provide surveillance continuity in poor weather and significantly lower visibility levels than other cameras, Thermal imagers or intensifiers.

The high contrast camera is effective in:

  • Fog & Mist
  • Rain
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Sand & Dust

DNF-100's high contrast camera is capable of providing operational surveillance even in the most challenging visibility.

PTZ, Control & Recording

The Pan & Tilt, mechanism on the DNF-100 camera is designed and built by ELECTRAC specifically to match the long range and high performance demands of DNF-100.

  • Operationally Appropriate – our multi-speed, proportional PTZ gives operators extremely fine motor control of the camera hen zoomed in ( potentially 100x). Our pan and tilt mechanism has been designed in a three speed proportional Pan, tilt and zoom control via the joystick of control interface. This allows fast medium and slow PTZ allowing the operator total flexibility to manoeuvre the system and 'manually' track system
  • Near Zero Backlash – Our system is designed to deliver almost no backlash when panning and tilting the camera. This means that unlike standard CCTV systems, the operator will not experience moving objects jumping in and out of frame

Radar Integration, Tracking & Slew-tocue

DNF-100 is already controllable using industry standard Pelco D extended protocol. This provides absolute positioning and positional feedback.

Should be radar used that does not support PELCO D extended protocol output, we are able to an interface SDK plug-in for DNF-100 to other radars. A price for this development.

work is included in the cost of the DNF-100

Above: Tracking a fast moving small craft in the harbour at the last night. The combination of the high zoom with the highcontrast and the near zero backlash PTZ mechanism, the operator is able to keep the subject in frame and capture perpetual high quality imagery.

Digital Video Recording

Our Rapid Deployment KIT (RDK) consists of

  • Digital Image Stabiliser
  • DVR & Storage (typically 30 days)
  • Joystick Controller

Through Life Management

Low Maintenance

DNF-100 is designed with the minimum number of moving parts and is constructed in a fully modular fit to enable ease of servicing and to give greatest protection and longevity in real world conditions.

The DNF-100 unit is designed to run on 12V DC and the sensors incorporated uncooled

Compared to equivalent thermal systems that can cost upwards of $80000/yr to maintain , DNF-100 is a significantly more cost effective option.

The standard maintenance for the system is to annually check connections and cables of damage of wear. If the system is being continuously driven in pan and tilt mode, there may be some wear n gearbox and drive belts. These are modular and can be adjusted or replaced during servicing as required. We recommend servicing every 12-18 months for standard usage (panning and tilting up to 4 hours per day) and every 9 to 12 months for higher pan and tilt daily usage.

Reliability & MTBF Data

We can confirm MTBF for the camera at 50,000 hours.

Low Power

DNF-100 is an extremely low power system. Running off only a standard 12V power supply, DNF-100 can be run of a car or leisure battery for extended durations.

Declaration of Conformance

ELETRAC will supply the system with the UK/EU CE certification.

Export License

As this product is based upon standard CCTV CCD technology, is not intensified or thermal technology , it is not designed or modified for military usage and has been sold commercially several years to commercial markets, it is not required to have an export license.

Training ,Support & Maintenance

DNF-100 and it's control and illumination accessories (if required) require extremely little training to achieve proficiency. We typically.

DNF-100- Physical Dimensions

All measurements are in millimeters

DNF-100 weighs 23 kg and is fitted with an industry standard 4 point mounting bracket (see image below). This bracket is typical in the CCTV industry and will allow the Longview 2 to be mounted on most poles, brackets and hydraulic masts.

Funkcja Szczegóły
Ruggedized Housing IP66rated housing with marine grade finish to counter corrosion. Multiple housings and finishes available on request.
Ultra-sensitive PTZ Improved stepper motor for greater and tilt accuracy to 11cm at 1 km range.
3 + 1 cameras 3 x carousel mounted cameras, electronically selected to offer total versatility in varying light conditions. Additional 4th fixed camera for colour day and night overview.
Camera 1 – Low-Light Camera 0,00003lux ultra low light camera unit 570 lines TV resolution and night mode 1+2
Camera 2 – Hi-res Colour Camera 540 line colour hi-res colour camera 0.1 lux
Camera 3 – Fog Camera ELECTRAC fog camera for penetrating sand storms, rain, snow, fog, mist, smog, smoke
Camera 4 – Overview Camera Day/Night overview camera 550 TVL resolution
Lens 1 6x to 25x zoom (400mm with 25mm objective)
Lens 2 25x to 100x zoom (1050mm with 115mm objective)
Signal Outpot PAL (NTSC available)
Pan speed Variable Max to 11 degrees per second
Pan resolution Max. 19cm to 1000m
Controller Colour screen hi-contrast. Proportional PTZ control via joystick
Operate Operation DNF is optimised for matrix deployment with multiple cameras deployed to cover interlocking arcs of observation for control and monitoring at a central (as well as secondary and tertiary) control room
Versatile Control Options Numerous control options are available which can be facilitated by a number of communication bearers including, wired, STACOM, GSM, Wi-Fi etc.
Low Power Consumption The system operates on 12V DC to allow for installation and operation and servicing without need to have 240 mains power. Simplifies maintenance and reduces through life costs.
Rapid Deployment All components of the DNF-100 system are man portable in a single rugged transport case. Unpacking and set up to full operation can be completed in 10 minutes ( 5 minutes by an experienced operator).